Current Edition Vol. 1 Nº 2 - Apr/May/Jun / 2007

Reunião dos Pesquisadores de Alzheimer´s (RPDA) - 25 a 27 de Novembro de 2021
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2007;1:117-117
1 Basic and clinical research, and the review of original papers
  Authors: Ricardo Nitrini
Dement. Neuropsychol. 2007;1:118-123
2 Targeting the gastrin-releasing peptide receptor pathway to treat cognitive dysfunction associated with Alzheimer's Disease
  Authors: Rafael Roesler1,2, Tatiana Luft1,3, Gilberto Schwartsmann2,4
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2007;1:124-130
3 The dementias of schizophrenia
  Authors: Ricardo de Oliveira-Souza1,3, Rogério Paysano Marrocos1,2, Jorge Moll3,4
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2007;1:131-139
4 What matters in white matter dementia?
  Authors: Leonardo Caixeta1
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2007;1:140-146
5 Computer-assisted 3D reconstructionof the human basal forebrain complex
  Authors: Lea Tenenholz Grinberg1, Helmut Heinsen2
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2007;1:147-153
6 Working memory: differences between young adults and the aged in listening tasks
  Authors: Maria Isabel d'Ávila Freitas1, Ariella Fornachari Ribeiro2, Márcia Radanovic3, Leticia Lessa Mansur4
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2007;1:154-160
7 Behavioural assessment of the dysexecutive syndrome (BADS) in healthy elders and Alzheimer´s disease patients: preliminary study
  Authors: Fabiola Canali1, Sonia Maria Dozzi Brucki2, Orlando Francisco Amodeo Bueno3
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2007;1:161-165
8 Category verbal fluency performance may be impaired in amnestic mild cognitive impairment
  Authors: Márcio Luiz Figueredo Balthazar1, Fernando Cendes2, Benito Pereira Damasceno3
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2007;1:166-172
9 Knowledge of semantic categories in normal aged: influence of education
  Authors: Karla Shimura Barea1, Leticia Lessa Mansur2
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2007;1:173-180
10 Pre- and post-operative Wisconsin card sorting test performance in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy due to hippocampal sclerosis
  Authors: Luciana Tisser1, Andre Palmini1,2, Eliseu Paglioli1,3, Mirna Portuguez1,2, Ney Azambuja1,3, Jaderson Costa da Costa1,2, Eduardo Paglioli1,3, Carolina Torres1, Jose Victor Martinez1
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2007;1:181-189
11 Typical performance of elderly patients with Alzheimer disease on the Wisconsin card sorting test (WCST)
  Authors: José Humberto Silva-Filho1, Sonia Regina Pasian2, Francisco de Assis Carvalho do Vale3
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2007;1:190-195
12 Behavior disorders and subjective burden among caregivers of demented patients
  Authors: Lucena Ferretti Ceres Eloah1, Paulo Henrique Ferreira Bertolucci2, Thaís Soares Cianciarullo Minett3
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2007;1:196-202
13 Support groups for caregivers of patients with Dementia: a comparative study
  Authors: Maria Paula Foss1, Celmira Lange2, José Humberto Silva Filho3, Fabiana Brunini4 , Francisco A. Carvalho do Vale5
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2007;1:203-211
14 Verbal and non-verbal semantic impairment: from fluent primary progressive aphasia to semantic dementia
  Authors: Mirna Lie Hosogi Senaha1, Paulo Caramelli2, Claudia Sellitto Porto3, Ricardo Nitrini4
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2007;1:212-216
15 Brazilian adaptation of the Addenbrooke's cognitive examination-revised (ACE-R)
  Authors: Viviane Amaral Carvalho1,2, Paulo Caramelli1,2
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2007;1:217-221
16 Evaluation of artwork produced by Alzheimer's disease outpatients in a pilot art therapy program
  Authors: Silvia Andreis Witkoski1, Márcia Lorena Fagundes Chaves1,2
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2007;1:222-224
17 Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease associated with a missense mutation at codon 200 of the prion protein gene in Brazil
  Authors: Jerusa Smid1, Vilma Regina Martins2, Michele Christine Landemberger2, Daniele Riva3, Renato Anghinah1, Ricardo Nitrini1
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