DementiatopNeuropsychologia was launched in March 2007 as the official journal of the Cognitive and Ageing Neurology Department of the Brazilian Academy of Neurology:

1. In the two previous decades there had been a considerable increase in the Brazilian scientific production in many areas of knowledge, including the two closely related fields that constitute the core of Dementia & Neuropsychologia;

2. There was no journal specifically dedicated to these areas in the country, especially for research on dementia;

3. Versions to Brazilian-Portuguese or adaptations of internationally utilized tests, scales or questionnaires and studies focusing on peculiarities of the language problems of Portuguese-speaking patients have been very difficult to publish in international journals or in the national general journals of neurology, psychology or psychiatry;

4. When papers are not published in high level international journals, but in less well known international indexed journals, the paper often ends up virtually unknown by the national community;

5. Maybe these and other reasons have contributed to the low number of Brazilian studies that progress from poster form to full papers;

6. Last but not least, selected reviewers may improve the quality of the manuscripts, providing suggestions on how to adapt the scientific writing, statistical analyses and proper citation of the literature.

Since its beginning the journal has received support from the most important groups related to the dementia and neuropsychological fields in Brazil. The editorial board includes members from most regions of Brazil, Latin America and abroad. At its beginning, the journal also received important instructions and support from Professor Antonio Spina-França Neto, editor-in-chief of Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria, the most prestigious neurological journal in Brazil, and also from Abel Laerte Parker and other expert librarians of the Pan-American Health Organization and from the SCIELO (Scientific Library On-Line), a very successful Brazilian initiative designed for the on-line diffusion of Brazilian and Latin American scientific papers, in order to follow the strict rules needed for future indexation.

DementiaabsmiddleNeuropsychologia reaches the end of its second year of publication, jostling to find its place among the high quality journals of its kind, while abiding by the stringent rules of the indexation systems. Papers from all regions of the country as well as from abroad have been received and published, testimony to the faith which members of the nacional and international scientific communities place in this journal's future.

Besides its four regular issues for each year, the opening of the journal to carry abstracts of meetings in its areas of interest has been a important function of the journal from its outset. Abstracts of the Brazilian Congress on Brain, Behavior and Emotions were also published both in 2007 and 2008, while abstracts of the Brazilian Meeting on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders as well as the Second International and Ninth Brazilian Congress from the Brazilian Society of Neuropsychology were published in 2007. Another supplement was also published in 2008, containing the abstracts of the Sixth Congress of Rehabilitation promoted by the Brazilian Society of Neuropsychology. It is the intention of the editorial board to continue in this vein, and to carry supplements or abstracts of international meetings.

In December 2008, DementiaabsmiddleNeuropsychologia inaugurated its home page, a significant achievement for the journal. This home page will facilitate the search for papers using key-words, furnish information on number of visitors to each article, and follow the interest of the scientific community in DementiaabsmiddleNeuropsychologia. A newsletter system, a key strategy to promote and disseminate recently published papers, is now being prepared. The goal is for this newsletter to reach a vast array of neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, speech therapists, geriatricians and basic scientists.


DementiaabsmiddleNeuropsychologia is a quarterly journal dedicated to publishing research in cognitive and behavioral sciences, focusing on clinical epidemiology, basic and applied neurosciences, and cognitive tests devised or adapted for populations with heterogeneous educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. DementiaabsmiddleNeuropsychologia is particularly involved in publishing research relevant to developing countries, and also seeks to disseminate reviews and case reports that are important contributions to neurological, psychiatric, geriatric, neuropsychological, speech therapy, and related fields.


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