Vol. 15 nº 4 - Oct/Nov/Dec de 2021
Original Article Páginas: 485 a 496

Evidence of the validity of a novel version of the computerized cognitive screening battery CompCog

Authors Larissa Hartle1,2; Liana Mendes-Santos1; Eduarda Barbosa1; Giulia Balboni2; Helenice Charchat-Fichman1


keywords: reaction time, cognitive assessment screening instrument, neuropsychological tests, cognition.

Although the availability of the computer-based assessment has increased over the years, neuropsychology has not carried out a significant paradigm shift since the personal computer's popularization in the 1980s. To keep up with the technological advances of healthcare and neuroscience in general, more efforts must be made in the field of clinical neuropsychology to develop and validate new and more technology-based instruments, especially considering new variables and paradigms when compared to paper and pencil tests.
OBJECTIVE: This study's objective was to produce concurrent validity evidence of the novel version of the computerized cognitive screening battery CompCog.
METHODS: Participants performed a traditional paper and pencil neuropsychological testing session and another session where CompCog was administrated. The data of a total of 50 young adult college students were used in the analyses.
RESULTS: Results have shown moderate and strong correlations between CompCog's tasks and their equivalents considering paper and pencil tests. Items clustered in agreement with the subtest division in a principal component analysis.
CONCLUSIONS: The findings suggest that CompCog is valid for measuring the cognitive processes its tasks intend to evaluate.


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