Vol. 15 nº 2 - Apr/May/Jun de 2021
Case Report Páginas: 291 a 293

Misoplegia and dementia: A case study

Authors Diogo Haddad Santos1,2; Yngrid Dieguez Ferreira1,2; Gilvan Guersoni Hora1; Luiza Ramos de Freiras1; Paulo Henrique Maia de Freitas1; Bruna Garbugio Dutra1; Rubens José Gagliardi1,2


keywords: dementia, neurodegenerative disease, mental disorders, self-injurious behavior.

Brain-damaged patients can develop abnormal attitudes towards their deficits. Misoplegia is one such example, involving exaggerated aversion to an impaired limb, sometimes associated with hatred of paresis and verbal or physical abuse directed at the paretic limb. Few studies or reports on this disorder are available in the literature, prompting the present case report of a patient with misoplegia and vascular dementia.


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