Vol. 15 nº 2 - Apr/May/Jun de 2021
Original Article Páginas: 230 a 238

Psychometric study of the Awareness of Age-Related Change (AARC) Short Scale translated to Portuguese, applied to Brazilian older adults

Authors Anita Liberalesso Neri1; Hans-Werner Wahl2; Roman Kaspar3; Manfred Diehl4; Samila Sathler Tavares Batistoni1,5; Meire Cachioni1,5; Mônica Sanches Yassuda1,5


keywords: reliability and validity; self-perception; attitude; aged.

The concept Awareness of Age-Related Change (AARC) is defined as a person's awareness that their behavior, level of physical, cognitive and social performance, and ways of experiencing life have changed as a consequence of having grown older, and not because of disease.
OBJECTIVE: A psychometric study investigating evidence of construct validity and internal consistency of the Portuguese version of the AARC Short Scale was carried out.
METHOD: A convenience sample of 387 individuals aged≥60 years with no deficit suggestive of dementia were recruited at venues frequented by older persons and at households. Participants answered the Portuguese version of the scale, along with questionnaires collecting sociodemographic and frailty variables and self-rated health based on personal criteria and relative to peers.
RESULTS: Exploratory and confirmatory factorial analyses derived a structure with two orthogonal factors representing the latent variables gains and losses, invariant for age group, thus replicating the original scale. The factors explained a large proportion of item variability (58.6 to 51.8%) and exhibited high loadings (0.886 to 0.432) and good communality [0.787 for item 4 (better sense of what is important) and 0.369 for item 6 (less energy)]. The hypotheses of covariance between the new instrument and the parallel measures of frailty and self-rated health were confirmed. The levels of internal consistency were high (α>0.700).
CONCLUSION: Evidence confirmed the factor and convergent (construct) validity and internal consistency of the new scale in Portuguese.


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