Vol. 15 nº 2 - Apr/May/Jun de 2021
Original Article Páginas: 216 a 222

Predictors of dementia after first ischemic stroke

Authors Wafik Mahmoud El-Sheik1; Aktham Ismail El-Emam1; Ahmed Abd El-Galil Abd El-Rahman2; Gelan Mahmoud Salim1


keywords: dementia, stroke, strategic infarction.

Various mechanisms contribute to dementia after first ischemic stroke as lesions on strategic areas of cognition and stroke premorbidity.
OBJECTIVES: Assessing clinical and neuroimaging predictors of dementia after first ischemic stroke and its relation to stroke location, subtypes and severity.
METHODS: Eighty first ischemic stroke patients were included. Forty patients with dementia after first stroke and forty patients without dementia according to DSM-IV diagnostic criteria of vascular dementia. All patients were subjected to general and neurological assessment, National Institute Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS) for stroke severity, Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) scale for cognition assessment, MRI brain and Trial of Org 10172 in acute stroke treatment (TOAST) classification for stroke subtypes.
RESULTS: Left hemispheric ischemic stroke, strategic infarctions, diabetes mellitus and stroke of anterior circulation were found to be independent risk factors for dementia after first ischemic stroke (OR=3.09, 95%CI 1.67-10.3, OR=2.33, 95%CI 1.87-8.77, OR=1.88, 95%CI 1.44-4.55, OR=1.86, 95%CI 1.45-6.54, respectively). Hypertension, dyslipidemia, smoking, ischemic heart disease, high NIHSS score and large vessel infarction were significantly higher among post stroke dementia patients. However, on binary logistic regression, they did not reach to be independent risk factors.
CONCLUSION: Stroke location (left stroke, strategic infarction, anterior circulation stroke) and diabetes mellitus could be predictors of dementia after first ischemic stroke, but stroke severity, stroke subtypes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, smoking and ischemic heart could not.


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