Vol. 14 nº 1 - Jan/Feb/Mar de 2020
Views & Reviews Páginas: 7 a 13

Use of the movie "Lorenzo's Oil" for didactic purposes in neuroscience and others health fields

Authors Lauana Lopes Gonçalves; Tales Alexandre Aversi-Ferreira


keywords: Lorenzo's oil, teaching, neurosciences, health field.

Although the traditional method of teaching is still the most popular nowadays, the use of different methodologies such as play approaches, for instance, could be used to make the teaching-learning process a more active approach. Nonetheless, the use of films that represent true stories are more pertinent in active teaching, especially those directly associated with a specific field and that are not merely dramatic. Lorenzo's oil can inform students about many biological topics and problems linked to intensive care. Furthermore, it also addresses the impact of a neurological disease in a social environment and promotes an intrinsic discussion about sciences in general. Given the above, we propose the hypothesis that the film is useful for educational purposes in health, specifically neuroscience. Lorenzo's Oil seems to be a good option for the use of a new approach in health science education. The richness of medical topics linked to modern aspects, such as nutrition for patients with mental disorders and palliative care combined with spirituality aspects, promotes an important discussion and constitutes a less stressing learning activity for students. Although some papers cite the importance of the movie for genetics and other fields, this paper shows the importance of efforts to address these topics using a more modern educational approach. According to the results presented, Lorenzo's Oil could be used extensively for medical/health sciences, confirming the initial hypothesis.


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