Vol. 13 nº 1 - Jan/Feb/Mar de 2019
Views & Reviews Páginas: 11 a 21

How stress mediators can cumulatively contribute to Alzheimer's disease: an allostatic load approach

Authors Tatiane Martins Matos1; Juliana Nery De Souza-Talarico2


keywords: stress, Alzheimer's disease, allostatic load, cognitive decline, memory.

Allostatic load is defined as the frequent activation of the neuroendocrine, immunological, metabolic and cardiovascular systems, which makes individuals more susceptible to stress-related health problems. According to this model, physiological dysregulations start to emerge decades before diseases manifest. Consequently, stress research has shifted its attention to anticipating the degree of this dysregulation to better understand the impact of stress hormones and other biomarkers on disease progression. In view of the growing number of studies that demonstrate the influence of modifiable risk factors on cognitive decline, in addition to the effects of chronic stress mediators, the objective of the present review was to present an overview of the development of cognitive changes based on studies on stress and its mediators.


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