Vol. 2 nº 1 - Jan/Feb/Mar de 2008
Case Report Páginas: 76 a 79

Dysexecutive mild cognitive impairment associated to frontal atrophy: case report

Authors Marcio Luiz Figueredo Balthazar1, Benito Pereira Damasceno2


keywords: mild cognitive impairment, executive function, Alzheimer's disease, frontotemporal dementia.

Non-amnestic mild cognitive impairment (MCI) evolving to neurodegenerative diseases other than Alzheimer's disease (AD) is rarely well documented. We report a case of a 49 year-old woman who presented a slowly progressive attentional/dysexecutive syndrome sparing other cognitive domains and without significant impairment of daily life activities. Her mother had Parkinsonism and her brother, a psychotic syndrome. Brain CT/MRI showed frontal atrophy while brain SPECT showed moderate cortical hypoperfusion, mainly in the frontal lobes. Our case is an example of non-memory MCI whose neuropsychological data and brain imaging indicating high likelihood of progression to a non-AD dementia.


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