Vol. 12 nº 3 - Jul/Aug/Set de 2018
Original Article Páginas: 264 a 271

Padrão de ansiedade, insegurança, medo, pânico e/ou fobia observado no exame de eletroencefalografia quantitativa (QEEG)

Authors Valdenilson Ribeiro Ribas1; Renata Guerra Ribas2; Jean de Almeida Nóbrega3; Marcília Vieira da Nóbrega3; Juliana Azevedo de Andrade Espécie4; Murilo Tolêdo Calafange4; Clenes de Oliveira Mendes Calafange4; Hugo André de Lima Martins1


keywords: anxiety, fear, panic, phobia, quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG).

Stress is a response in which an individual wants to have more control over a situation. A constant state of stress is called anxiety. Some patients deny symptoms. An instrument can help arrive at a diagnosis.
OBJECTIVE: Using TQ-7 QEEG, this study aimed to evaluate the association of symptoms of anxiety, insecurity, fear, panic and phobia with hot temporals defined as Beta (15-23 Hz) >17% and High-Beta waves (23-38 Hz) >10% at T3 and T4.
METHODS: Five hundred and forty-three patients of both genders with ages ranging from 16-59 years were evaluated, divided into two groups: Control (without hot temporals: n=274) and Case Group (with hot temporals: n=269). The Chi-square test was used (p-values ≤0.05).
RESULTS: There was a significant association (p-value <0.001) between the symptoms related to amygdala activation, expressed in the temporals (Beta >17% and High-Beta >10%). (Anxiety, T3=89.6% - T4=88.8%; T3=92.6% - T4=93.3%), (Fear, T3=80.7% - T4=84.4%; T3=82.9% - T4=95.9%), (Insecurity, T3=82.2% - T4=81.4%; T3=69.5% - T4=97.8%), (Panic, T3=52.4 - T4=72.5%; T3=90.3% - T4=74.0%), (Phobia, T3=17.5% - T4=22.7%; T3=19.7% - T4=27.1%), when compared to the respective controls (Beta control, T3=8.4%, 10.2%, 21.2%, 1.1%, 0.4% and T4=11.3%, 4.4%, 23.0%, 2.6%, 1.1%) (High-Beta control, T3=4.0%, 6.9%, 6.2%, 0.4%, 0.0% and T4=17.5%, 6.2%, 3.3%, 4.0%, 0.7%).
CONCLUSION: Anxiety, insecurity, fear, panic and phobia are observed by QEEG when the levels of total Beta >17% and High-Beta waves >10% at T3 and T4.


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