Vol. 11 nº 4 - Oct/Nov/Dec de 2017
Original Article Páginas: 413 a 418

Verbal fluency in elderly with and without hypertension and diabetes from the FIBRA study in Ermelino Matarazzo

Authors Nathalia Lais Morelli1; Meire Cachioni1,2; Andrea Lopes1; Samila Sathler Tavares Batistoni1,2; Deusivania Vieira da Silva Falcão1; Anita Liberalesso Neri1,2; Monica Sanches Yassuda1,2


keywords: older adults; cognition; verbal fluency; executive function; hypertension; diabetes.

BACKGROUND: There are few studies on the qualitative variables derived from the animal category verbal fluency test (VF), especially with data originating from low-income samples of community-based studies.
OBJECTIVE: To compare elderly with and without hypertension (HTN) and diabetes mellitus (DM) regarding the total number of animals spoken, number of categories, groups and category switches on the VF test.
METHODS: We used the database of the FIBRA (Frailty in Brazilian Elderly) community-based study. The variables number of Categories, Groups and Category Switches were created for each participant. The total sample (n = 384) was divided into groups of elderly who reported having HTN, DM, both HTN and DM, or neither of these conditions.
RESULTS: There were no significant differences between the groups with and without these chronic diseases for VF total score or for the qualitative variables.
CONCLUSION: Among independent community-dwelling elderly, the qualitative variables derived from the VF animal category may not add information regarding the cognitive profile of elderly with chronic diseases. Total VF score and the qualitative variables Category, Group and Switching did not differentiate elderly with and without HTN and DM.


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