Vol. 10 nº 4 - Oct/Nov/Dec de 2016
Views & Reviews Páginas: 280 a 286

Gait, posture and cognition in Parkinson's disease

Authors Alessandra Ferreira Barbosa1,3; Janini Chen2,3; Fernanda Freitag2; Debora Valente2,3; Carolina de Oliveira Souza2,3; Mariana Callil Voos1,3; Hsin Fen Chien2,3,4


keywords: gait, cognition, Parkinson's disease, fall, gait assessment.

Gait disorders and postural instability are the leading causes of falls and disability in Parkinson's disease (PD). Cognition plays an important role in postural control and may interfere with gait and posture assessment and treatment. It is important to recognize gait, posture and balance dysfunctions by choosing proper assessment tools for PD. Patients at higher risk of falling must be referred for rehabilitation as early as possible, because antiparkinsonian drugs and surgery do not improve gait and posture in PD.


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