Vol. 10 nº 3 - Jul/Aug/Set de 2016
Case Report Páginas: 251 a 253

All that glitters is not gold: When motor and vocal tics in a child do not match Tourette syndrome: A case report

Authors Raquel Quimas Molina da Costa1; Rogério Paysano Marrocos2; Marco Antonio Araujo Leite3; Fabio Henrique Gobbi Porto4


keywords: PKAN, Tourette syndrome, neurodegeneration, Tourettism, pantothenate kinase.

The atypical form of Pantothenate Kinase-Associated Neurodegeneration (PKAN) tends to present at around the age of 14 years, has a heterogeneous presentation with extrapyramidal symptoms, and approximately one third of patients exhibit psychiatric problems. This paper reports the case of a patient with apparent typical symptoms of Tourette syndrome. However, the severity and poor response to treatment led to further investigation and the diagnosis of PKAN as a secondary cause of Tourettism was reached.


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