Vol. 10 nº 3 - Jul/Aug/Set de 2016
Case Report Páginas: 238 a 243

Mother and daughter with adolescent-onset severe frontal lobe dysfunction and epilepsy

Authors Giordani Rodrigues dos Passos1; Alonso Cuadrado Fernández1; Adriana Machado Vasques2; William Alves Martins1,3; André Palmini1,3


keywords: frontal lobe, genetics, behavioral, neuropsychiatry, epilepsies, partial, heredity.

Familial cases of early-onset prominent frontal lobe dysfunction associated with epilepsy have not been reported to date. We report a mother and her only daughter with incapacitating behavioral manifestations of frontal lobe dysfunction and epilepsy of variable severity. The possibility of a hitherto undescribed genetic condition is discussed.


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