Vol. 7 nº 4 - Oct/Nov/Dec de 2013
Case Report Páginas: 439 a 443

Encephalomyelopathy associated with HTLV-I a primary disease or coexisting with multiple sclerosis?

Authors Ana Paula Silva Champs2,3; Valéria Maria de Azeredo Passos1,3; Sandhi Maria Barreto3,4; Paulo Caramelli1,3; Carla Meirelles de Melo2; Guilherme Carvalho2; Miriam Melo Menezes2; João Gabriel Ramos Ribas2


keywords: HTLV -I, tropical spastic paraparesis, multiple sclerosis, cognition disorder, magnetic resonance imaging.

HTLV-I-associated myelopathy (HAM/TSP) is the most common neurological manifestation of HTLV-I, causing progressive weakness, sensory disturbance, and sphincter dysfunction. Although motor disorders have been well described, few studies have associated cognitive disorders and HTLV-I infection. In areas endemic for HTLV-I infection, the differential diagnosis between HAM/TSP and other myelopathy etiologies can be difficult, particularly if the patient has signs and symptoms of brain involvement, since seropositive HTLV-I patients can present other neurological diseases. Here, we report one case initially diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which, upon further investigation, was found to be HTLV-I seropositive.


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