Vol. 7 nº 3 - Jul/Aug/Set de 2013
Original Article Páginas: 278 a 285

French version of the Rating Scale for aggressive behaviour in the Elderly (F-RAGE): psychometric properties and diagnostic accuracy

Authors Barry Adama4; Calvet Benjamin1,3,4; Clément Jean-Pierre1,3,4; Druet-Cabanac Michel2,3,4; Prado-Jean Annie1,3,4


keywords: aggressive behaviour, psychogeriatric, RAGE, CMAI, NPI.

Aggressive behaviour is the most disturbing and distressing behaviour displayed by elderly people. The prevalence of aggressive behaviour is around 50% among psychogeriatric patients.
OBJECTIVE: This study sought to analyze the psychometric properties and diagnostic accuracy of the French version of the Rating Scale for Aggressive Behaviour in the Elderly (F-RAGE).
METHODS: The F-RAGE was administered to 79 patients hospitalized in a geriatric psychiatry department. A psychiatrist, who was blind to the subjects' RAGE scores, performed the diagnosis for aggressivity based on global clinical impression. The F-RAGE and MMSE were applied by a trained researcher blind to subjects' clinical diagnoses while the Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory and Neuropsychiatric Inventory were administered by medical and nursing staff. Internal consistency, reliability, cut-off points, sensitivity and specificity for F-RAGE were estimated.
RESULTS: F-RAGE showed satisfactory validity and reliability measurements. Regarding reliability, Cronbach's α coefficient was satisfactory with a value of 0.758. For diagnostic accuracy, a cut-off point of 8 points (sensitivity=74.19%; specificity=97.98%) and area under curve of 0.960 were estimated to distinguish between aggressive patients and control subjects.
DISCUSSION: F-RAGE showed acceptable psychometric properties, supported by evidence of validity and reliability for its use in the diagnosis of aggressive behaviour in elderly.


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