Vol. 5 nº 4 - Oct/Nov/Dec de 2011
Views & Reviews Páginas: 251 a 263

Vascular dementia: Diagnostic criteria and supplementary exams. Recommendations of the Scientific Department of Cognitive Neurology and Aging of the Brazilian Academy of Neurology. Part I

Authors Eliasz Engelhardt1; Carla Tocquer2; Charles André3; Denise Madeira Moreira4; Ivan Hideyo Okamoto5; José Luiz de Sá Cavalcanti6; Working Group on Alzheimer's Disease and Vascular Dementia of the Brazilian Academy of Neurology


keywords: recommendations, vascular dementia, criteria, neuroimaging, laboratory exams.

Vascular dementia (VaD) is the most prevalent form of secondary dementia and the second most common of all dementias. The present paper aims to define guidelines on the basic principles for treating patients with suspected VaD (and vascular cognitive impairment - no dementia) using an evidence-based, systematized approach. The knowledge used to define these guidelines was retrieved from searches of several databases (Medline, Scielo, Lilacs) containing scientific articles, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, largely published within the last 15 years or earlier when pertinent. Information retrieved and selected for relevance was used to analyze diagnostic criteria and to propose a diagnostic system encompassing diagnostic criteria, anamnesis, as well as supplementary and clinical exams (neuroimaging and laboratory). Wherever possible, instruments were selected that had versions previously adapted and validated for use in Brazil that take into account both schooling and age. This task led to proposed protocols for supplementary exams based on degree of priority, for application in clinical practice and research settings.


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