Vol. 5 nº 3 - Jul/Aug/Set de 2011
Views & Reviews Páginas: 189 a 197

Treatment of Alzheimer's disease in Brazil: II. Behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia

Authors Francisco de Assis Carvalho do Vale1; Ylmar Corrêa Neto2; Paulo Henrique Ferreira Bertolucci3; João Carlos Barbosa Machado4; Delson José da Silva5; Nasser Allam6; Márcio Luiz Figueredo Balthazar7; Group Recommendations in Alzheimer's Disease and Vascular Dementia of the Brazilian Academy of Neurology


keywords: Alzheimer's disease, dementia, behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia, treatment.

This article reports the recommendations of the Scientific Department of Cognitive Neurology and Aging of the Brazilian Academy of Neurology for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD) in Brazil, with special focus on behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD). It constitutes a revision and broadening of the 2005 guidelines based on a consensus involving researchers (physicians and non-physicians) in the field. The authors carried out a search of articles published since 2005 on the MEDLINE, LILACS and Cochrane Library databases. The search criteria were pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment of the behavioral and psychological symptoms of AD. Studies retrieved were categorized into four classes, and evidence into four levels, based on the 2008 recommendations of the American Academy of Neurology. The recommendations on therapy are pertinent to the dementia phase of AD. Recommendations are proposed for the treatment of BPSD encompassing both pharmacological (including acetyl-cholinesterase inhibitors, memantine, neuroleptics, anti-depressives, benzodiazepines, anti-convulsants plus other drugs and substances) and non-pharmacological (including education-based interventions, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, therapy using light, massage and art therapy) approaches. Recommendations for the treatment of cognitive disorders of AD symptoms are included in a separate article of this edition.


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