Vol. 5 nº 1 - Jan/Feb/Mar de 2011
Case Report Páginas: 58 a 60

Trichotillomania in a dementia case

Authors Leonardo Caixeta1; Danielly Bandeira Lopes2


keywords: Trichotillomania, impulse-control disorder, dementia, Binswanger's disease, perseveration.

We report an 87-year-old male case of hair pulling associated with a white-matter vascular dementia (Binswanger's disease). Trichotillomania in our case did not resolve using mirtazapine or anticholinesterasic medication. Trichotillomania seems to be related to a form of perseveration associated with dementia. The findings in this case suggest the abnormality involving white matter in the pathogenesis of trichotillomania, may constitute a defect in connectivity in the right frontal-subcortical circuit.


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