Vol. 4 nº 1 - Jan/Feb/Mar de 2010
Original Article Páginas: 63 a 68

The relationship between severity of apraxia of speech and working memory

Authors Karin Zazo Ortiz1, Fernanda Chapchap Martins2


keywords: apraxia, memory, articulation disorders.

Based on previously observed relationships between working memory (WM) and speech, the current study investigated the relationship between degree of oral apraxia (AOS) and WM capacity. Methods: This study involved assessment and classification of degree of apraxia of speech in 22 apraxic participants and evaluation of WM capacity using digit span and word-list repetition tests. Both tests were able to assess the phonoarticulatory loop, while the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test investigated the phonoarticulatory loop and the episodic buffer. Results: Independently from the degree of apraxia of speech, all of participants presented compromise in WM. Conclusions: The data presented might suggest that individuals with AOS typically have WM impairment, but it is still not clear if the severity of AOS is related to WM capacity. Future studies could verify the relationship between the severity of apraxia and the severity of WM deficits.


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