Vol. 3 nº 4 - Oct/Nov/Dec de 2009
Views & Reviews Páginas: 283 a 290

Cognitive impairment and driving: A review of the literature

Authors Daniel Apolinario1, Regina Miksian Magaldi2, Alexandre Leopold Busse3, Leonardo da Costa Lopes4, Juliana Yumi Tison Kasai5, Erika Satomi6


keywords: automobile driving, cognition, dementia, aged.

Although some drivers with mild dementia may continue to drive after the condition has been diagnosed, the ability to drive a motor vehicle safely is eventually lost as the disease progresses. Clinicians involved in dementia care are often asked to make an assessment on whether a patient is fit to drive, even though they often lack basic knowledge and formal training in this area. The purpose of this review was to identify the factors that may differentiate safe from unsafe drivers with cognitive impairment and to discuss management strategies. Isolated information about staging measures or particular cognitive tests was found to be insufficient for decision making. Driving fitness counseling for patients with cognitive impairment requires a solid knowledge base, comprehensive assessment and thoughtful communication.


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