Vol. 3 nº 2 - Apr/May/Jun de 2009
Original Article Páginas: 114 a 117

N-Back auditory test in normals

Authors Vanessa Tomé Gonçalves1, Letícia Lessa Mansur1


keywords: age, working memory, cognition.

The working memory construct refers to the capacity to maintain information for a limited time. Objectives: To devise stimuli and adapt the 5-back test and to verify the effect of age in normal Brazilian individuals. Methods: 31 healthy adults (15 young adults and 16 older adults) were evaluated by batteries of auditory stimuli to verify the inter-group differences (age effect) in working memory span, total correct answers and intrusions, and the intra-group effect of type of stimulus. Results: There was no intra-group stimulus effect. Individuals from both groups processed di and tri-syllables similarly. No difference between groups (no age effect) was observed for any N-Back parameters: total score, span, number of intrusions, in either di or tri-syllable presentation. Conclusion: the processing capacity of 5 elements in phonological working memory was not affected by age.


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