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Figure 2
Description: igure 2. MR scans (axial plane) - sections at basal ganglia level: (A) 3DT1 sequence and (B) DTI-FA map. 3DT1 image for topo­graphical reference, DTI-FA map is shown to localize ROI placement.
Article Details
Vol. 2 nº 4 - Oct/Nov/Dec - 2008
The corpus callosum in Binswanger's disease: A quantitative fractional anisotropy analysis
Authors: Eliasz Engelhardt1, Denise Madeira Moreira2,3, Gilberto Oliveira Alves5, Maria Elisa Oliveira Lanna6, Carlos Eduardo de Oliveira Alves7, Letice Ericeira-Valente8, Felipe Kenji Sudo9, Jerson Laks4,10


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