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Description: Figure 1. MR scans in FLAIR acquisition (axial plane) - sections at basal ganglia level (a1 and b1) and at supracallosal level (a2 and b2), in normal controls and Binswanger's disease patients, respectively. The images represent examples from the study (Table 1).
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Vol. 2 nº 4 - Oct/Nov/Dec - 2008
The corpus callosum in Binswanger's disease: A quantitative fractional anisotropy analysis
Authors: Eliasz Engelhardt1, Denise Madeira Moreira2,3, Gilberto Oliveira Alves5, Maria Elisa Oliveira Lanna6, Carlos Eduardo de Oliveira Alves7, Letice Ericeira-Valente8, Felipe Kenji Sudo9, Jerson Laks4,10


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