Vol. 13 nº 4 - Oct/Nov/Dec de 2019
In Memoriam Pages 362 to 362

Leticia Lessa Mansur
Leticia Lessa Mansur

Authors: Ricardo Nitrini; Sonia Maria Dozzi Brucki


The neuroscientist, Leticia Lessa Mansur has passed away on the 4th of October at the age of 69. A specialist in Speech and Language Therapy and holding a PhD in Linguistics, she was deeply involved in neurology, working mainly with the Department of Neurology of the University of São Paulo School of Medicine. Her in-depth knowledge, allied with her eagerness to learn and explore new methodological advances impressed all. The excitement with which she greeted new projects, particularly when these involved collaborating with innovative researchers, was evident from the sparkle in her eye and the way she expressed herself. Her enthusiasm for the study of language and its relationships with the central nervous system was reflected in her most important studies centered on language disorders in neurodegenerative diseases and on subcortical language systems, mostly undertaken in collaboration with the neurologists Márcia Radanovic and Lucia Zanotto de Mendonça. Her doctoral thesis in Linguistics was on the study of oral language in Alzheimer's disease, a topic about which she continued to study, teach, supervise and publish throughout her life. This theme was extended to include the study of language in normal aging and in other neurodegenerative diseases, particularly in primary progressive aphasias. Always in pursuit of novel methods of research, her latest, ongoing project, investigates the functional connectivity of the brain measured by functional MRI in different cultures, educational levels and ages, in collaboration with the University of Toronto.

An excellent teacher, she motivated her students, who would seek her guidance on end-of-course dissertations (75 students concluded courses under her supervision) and for Master's and PhD programs (she supervised 38 titles). As a Master's student and researcher she also authored 89 scientific articles, 6 books, 45 book chapters and helped organize 10 congresses and symposiums.

Her involvement, together with that of her students, was pivotal in creating the journal Dementia & Neuropsychologia. Constantly supporting new projects which she believed in, Leticia was present since the first editions, contributing with the publication of articles that she, together with us, did not know whether one day would become available to the scientific community or be lost in just another periodical doomed to failure after the first few editions. As Associate Editor she was key for her knowledge of Brazilian and International Neuropsychology and invaluable suggestions toward improving the journal.

Leticia played an important role in multidisciplinarity, actively participating in the Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology Group, both through joint publications and participation in meetings and case discussions. Assessment of all the group's cases were carried out by the speech-therapy students and discussed by Prof. Mansur. She assisted in many diagnoses and helped improve the knowledge of many neurologists about language. Since the inaugural session, she was always attended the Meetings of Researchers in Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders, presenting studies and discussing them, thereby driving speech-language therapy.

The Dementia & Neuropsychologia editorial team expresses its deepest sadness for this immeasurable loss and our condolences go to Leticia's children, grandchildren and to our great friend, Cardiology Professor Alfredo José Mansur.

1. Full Professor of Neurology of the University of São Paulo Medical School. Editor-in-Chief. Dementia & Neuropsychologia
2. Associate Professor of the University of São Paulo Medical School. Associate Editor . Dementia & Neuropsychologia


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