Vol. 10 nº 4 - Oct/Nov/Dec de 2016
In Memorian Pages 258 to 258


Authors: Sérgio Luis Blay


Prof. Dr. Cássio Machado de Campos Bottino contributed much to psychiatry in Brazil. Intellectually bright, and a composed and skilled speaker, he took geriatric psychiatry to new heights of sophistication, grounded in scientific rigor, innovation and above all motivation. He taught a generation of psychiatrists and was a source of inspiration to medicine and research in geriatric psychiatry.

Graduated in Medicine at the University of São Paulo (1981-1987), he concluded his training with a residency at the Psychiatry Service of the Hospital do Servidor Público Estadual (1989 to 1992). He commenced post-graduate studies the same year, including a "sandwich" course in London.

In 1996, when he began practicing as an Assistant Physician at the Institute of Psychiatry of the Clinicas Hospital of the University of São Paulo School of Medicine, he already showed interest in psychiatry teaching and research. A group of young and inspired colleagues of his generation formed a treatment group specifically aimed at the elderly population initially called the Third Age Project and later renamed the Third Age Program (PROTER).

In 1997, he headed up the group with the introduction of the infirmary activities and provided continuity to other programs such as the Memory Clinic. Having built up a solid research structure, he created the foundation for future growth of the service. After physical and organizational reforms of the Institute of Psychiatry, he oversaw the Geriatric Unit of the Institute, where a 12-bed ward was set up solely for geriatric patients.

Two years later in 1999, he began the activity of research and supervision. This commenced in Experimental Physiopathology of the USP School of Medicine and continued at the Department of Psychiatry of the same university. In this capacity, he expanded research activities, particularly in the area of Alzheimer's Disease and depression in the elderly. He began writing scientific texts during the latter half of his doctorate studies (1995), publishing numerous full articles, book titles and chapters. His active participations in congresses ran into their hundreds.

He always pursued his university career in São Paulo and at the same university. He became elected Associate Professor of the Department of Psychiatry of the USP School of Medicine in 2007 and Full Professor of the same Department in 2014.

He organized many of his activities within the Department of Psychiatry of the USP. Yet outside his institution, he showed another facet of his great stature: he met and forged links with many fellow psychiatrists, neurologists, geriatricians, diagnostic imaging specialists, psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nutritionists and many others, creating a vast network of local and international collaboration. It is no coincidence that many of his publications, symposia and scientific activities involved the participation of numerous colleagues from other institutions.

The International Refresher Symposium in Geriatric Psychiatry, one of the signature events of Cassio's academic activities, is now in its XXII edition. The 2017 symposium, which he again helped organize, shall now have a space dedicated to pay deserved homage to him.

Cássio contracted a serious illness which sadly drastically shortened his life. He leaves his wife Sara and three children who helped him greatly towards the end of his life owing to his progressive frailness.

Prof. Dr. Sérgio Luis Blay


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