Current Edition Vol. 8 Nº 3 - Jul/Aug/Set / 2014

Reunião dos Pesquisadores de Alzheimer´s (RPDA) - 1 e 2 de dezembro 2017 - Campinas SP

Dement. Neuropsychol. 2014;8:195-195
1 Language assessment and treatment in the last decade
  Authors: Leticia Mansur; Karin Zazo Ortiz; Jed A. Meltzer
Dement. Neuropsychol. 2014;8:196-206
2 Evolution of language assessment in patients with acquired neurological disorders in Brazil
  Authors: Maria Alice de Mattos Pimenta Parente1; Roberta Roque Baradel2; Rochele Paz Fonseca3; Natalie Pereira4; Maria Teresa Carthery-Goulart5
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2014;8:207-215
3 Transcranial brain stimulation (TMS and tDCS) for post-stroke aphasia rehabilitation: controversies
  Authors: Lucia Iracema Zanotto de Mendonça
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2014;8:216-222
4 Semantic memory for actions as assessed by the Kissing and Dancing Test: education and age effects in cognitively healthy individuals
  Authors: Roberta Roque Baradel1; Henrique Salmazo da Silva1; Jaqueline Geraldin Estequi1; Maria Alice de Mattos Pimenta Parente1; João Ricardo Sato; Maria Teresa Carthery-Goulart1,2
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2014;8:223-226
5 Cross-cultural adaptation process of the "Conversation Analysis Profile for People with Aphasia" to the Portuguese language
  Authors: Mariana Ferreira1; Diana Oliveira2; Ana Correia3; Maria dos Anjos Dixe4; Sónia Pós de Mina5; Anne Whitworth6
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2014;8:227-235
6 Automatic classification of written descriptions by healthy adults: an overview of the application of natural language processing and machine learning techniques to clinical discourse analysis
  Authors: Cíntia Matsuda Toledo1; Andre Cunha2; Carolina Scarton3; Sandra Aluísio2
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2014;8:236-242
7 Acquired dysgraphia in adults following right or left-hemisphere stroke
  Authors: Jaqueline de Carvalho Rodrigues1; Denise Ren da Fontoura2; Jerusa Fumagalli de Salles3
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2014;8:243-248
8 Inferential abilities based on pictorial stimuli in patients with right hemisphere damage: influence of schooling
  Authors: Ariella Fornachari Ribeiro1; Marcia Radanovic2
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2014;8:249-259
9 Age of acquisition and naming performance in Frisian-Dutch bilingual speakers with dementia
  Authors: Wencke S. Veenstra1; Mark Huisman2; Nick Miller3
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2014;8:260-265
10 Analysis of word number and content in discourse of patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease
  Authors: Juliana Onofre de Lira1; Thaís Soares Cianciarullo Minett2; Paulo Henrique Ferreira Bertolucci3; Karin Zazo Ortiz4
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2014;8:266-277
11 Rehabilitation of lexical and semantic communicative impairments: an overview of available approaches
  Authors: Fabíola Schwengber Casarin1,2; Laura Branco1,3; Natalie Pereira1,4; Renata Kochhann1,5; Gigiane Gindri1,6; Rochele Paz Fonseca1,7
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2014;8:278-284
12 Discourse intervention strategies in Alzheimer's disease: eye-tracking and the effect of visual cues in conversation
  Authors: Lenisa Brandão1; Ana Maria Monção2; Richard Andersson3; Kenneth Holmqvist4
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2014;8:285-290
13 Interdisciplinary therapy for patients with dementia
  Authors: Maysa Luchesi Cera1; Daniela Cristina Carvalho de Abreu2; Rosângela de Abreu Venancio Tamanini3; Amanda Carla Arnaut4; Patrícia Pupin Mandrá5; Carla da Silva Santana6
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2014;8:291-296
14 Brief intervention for agrammatism in Primary Progressive Nonfluent Aphasia: a case report
  Authors: Thais Helena Machado1; Aline Carvalho Campanha1; Paulo Caramelli1; Maria Teresa Carthery-Goulart2
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2014;8:297-301
15 Sentence production in rehabilitation of agrammatism: a case study
  Authors: Marcela Lima Silagi1; Fernanda Naito Hirata2; Lúcia Iracema Zanotto de Mendonça3
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Dement. Neuropsychol. 2014;8:302-307
16 Logopenic aphasia or Alzheimer's disease: different phases of the same disease?
  Authors: Bárbara Costa Beber1,2,3; Renata Kochhann1,4,5; Bruna Matias da Silva1; Marcia L. F. Chaves1,2,6
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