Authors' checklist

Before submitting your manuscript, please take a few minutes of your time to be sure that everything is right

Title of the manuscript:______________________________________

Author name correspondent:_________________________________

1. Cover letter with contribution of each author to the manuscript (please follow the model of cover letter available at
2. Title page with: Title in English (not too long)
3. Authors' names, including the first name, and affiliations are in the title page
4. Name of the department and institution, city and country in which the study was conducted are in the title page
5. Grant support acknowledgement is in the title page
6. Title in Portuguese (almost perfect version of the English title; for those not fluent in Portuguese, the editorial staff will translate)
7. Structured abstract for original papers, with up to 250 words (for case reports or reviews, abstracts may be unstructured and may contain up to 150 words)
8. Abstract in Portuguese is a version of the English abstract (for those not fluent in Portuguese, the editorial staff will translate)
9. Key words (4-10) follow the Descriptors for Health Sciences ( ) in English and Portuguese
10. Text up to 3000 words for original manuscripts (up to 1500 for case reports and brief short communications; and up to 5000 for reviews)
11. Information of the approval by the Ethics Committee must be present in the "Methods" section
12. Tables: up to 5 in original papers (2 in short communications or case reports); should be auto-explicative
13. Illustrations: up to 3 figures, graphs or photos, with legends.
14. References follow the general guidelines of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors
15. Please, fill the Authorship, non-financial, and financial disclosure form (available at


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